Mr. Loon Has Entered the Chat.

Welcome to Loony Politics, represented by Mr. Loon himself.

Whatever brought you here—a random algorithm, a search for unbiased political information, Twitter—we welcome you, and we’re glad you’re here.

We hope to become your favorite source for political news and information.

We don’t want to simply share the news, and we absolutely do not want to take sides. Rather, we aim to be an all-inclusive website: with the news, how that development impacts both sides, and why they likely feel that way.

For example: If we had covered the inauguration of President Joe Biden, we might have covered the inauguration itself, what Biden’s arrival would mean for Democrats and why (i.e. what their motivations and feelings might be), and what Biden’s arrival would also mean for Republicans (and again, i.e., what their motivations and feelings might be).

We want to provide this broad lens of information to encourage readers to grow in their empathy for “the other side,” to not fear the news agenda (there’s no agenda here but connecting with our fellow humans again), and to remind all that we are not so different (even when our opinions feel drastically opposite).

We also will not ask for your money to access this content. Donations are welcome, and appreciated, as our sole writer will be doing all of the researching, deep-diving, empathetic work, emotional labor, writing, and editing themselves; but they are absolutely not required. There will eventually be embedded ads, too, as an added point of revenue, but we will be incredibly transparent if we ever reach the point of writing for sponsors or including affiliate links. We never want you to feel extorted while accessing our site!

That’s about it! We plan to share some new news with you daily while presenting each side we can.

If you ever have questions or concerns, would like to see us cover a topic, or would like to support us in some other way, we welcome you to reach out!

Get ready for some off-the-cuff content from this amazing world we live in.

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